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The CEO Program teaches Creativity.Leadership.Encouragement

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The CEO class meets five days a week Monday-Friday 7:45-9:15 am for 90 minutes a day and is a year-long, two credit high school course. 



A key part of the success enjoyed by the class is rooted in a Facilitator who challenges each individual student and can manage constant change in the classroom.


Funding comes from Business Partners, the Community Foundation and student projects. Download Pledge Card


The student selection process is a defined process. Students must submit a written request for admission, letters of recommendation and complete an entrepreneurial profile.

The Classroom

The class meets in local businesses and changes locations throughout the year. This helps the students establish a common identity based on their CEO experience and a greater appreciation for our areas professional work environments.


CEO mentors help students immerse themselves in real lifelearning experiences with the opportunity to take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes.

Entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare people, especially youth, to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities. The CEO program is much more than a textbook course. Rather, students are immersed in real life learning experiences with the opportunity to take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes.

Entrepreneurship education is not just about teaching someone to run a business. It is also about encouraging creative thinking and promoting a strong sense of self-worth and accountability. Through entrepreneurship education, students learn how to create a business, and much more.

The CEO class covers the basics of conceptualizing, starting and running a small business. Concepts such as supply and demand, cost/benefit analysis, competitive advantage, and opportunity recognition are covered. In addition, coursework includes: innovative thinking strategies, product development, business structure, marketing, financial strategies, record keeping, and preparing an income statement, balance sheet, income and cash flow statements.

Entrepreneurial thinking (outside-the-box problem solving) is utilized throughout the course. The course is built around the National Entrepreneurship Standards and is linked to the Illinois Learning Standards.


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