Delaney Heal

About Me

My name is Delaney Heal. I am senior at Newton Community High School. My parents are Jill E. Rueter and Gregory L. Heal. For the past four years, I have been on the high school tennis team, playing in various tournaments and matches. During my high school career, I have been involved in HOSA, Spanish Club, Beta Club/National Honor Society, Science Club and Math Club. Overall, I can be described as a high achieving, curious student, which is one of the main reasons I was drawn to the CEO program. I remember the CEO assembly and being amazed at the fact that the students speaking were only in high school. I was impressed by their maturity and professional skills. I knew then that I had the capability and determination to gain those same skills that would set me apart from my peers. The fact that CEO is not in a classroom setting is another factor that motivated me to apply. I like that in CEO we can ask questions and then discuss it instead of always going with the schedule. The CEO class is a class that will be very beneficial to my future. After high school, I plan on pursuing dentistry. Regardless of where my dental career takes me, I know that CEO will help further my business knowledge. Whether I own my own business or work for an employer, the skills I will learn from CEO will help to prepare me for my professional career. My goal for this CEO class is to learn from my experiences and peers. I hope to broaden my horizons by meeting people of all trades and taking a piece of information from each one to apply to my own life. I'm excited to see where CEO takes me and to see the person I become after taking this course. I believe my CEO peers and I can expand this program in our county and show how beneficial the program truly is. As a group, I hope to set a foundation for this class that will have an impact for years to come.