Jordan Mammoser

About Me

My name is Jordan Mammoser, daughter of Steve and Jodi Mammoser, I am seventeen years old and currently a senior. I am very fortunate to be in the CEO class and wish we could have had it earlier. Also, I wish there were more students in our school who understood the benefits of this class and how it will prepare us for our future and in real life outside of school. A reason I wanted to be enrolled in this class is because I like how it is not a school setting and we are not taught as if we were children. We are treated like adults and learn how to run a business. My goal in this class is to learn many life lessons from our teacher, speakers, and guests. Also, I wish to become like the students which our teachers speak so highly of. The kind of kid who makes adults say “Wow how old are they? I play softball and know as a senior on the team I will need to show my responsibility and help the younger players. I feel that CEO will help improve how I respond in different situations compared to other students and teammates my age.