Kristen Frohning

About Me

My name is Kristen Frohning and I could not be more excited to be a part of the Jasper CEO inaugural class. As a seventeen year old, I’ve always been one to look for the next challenge or opportunity. This class offers so many unique chances to learn through both challenges and opportunities, although my reasoning for applying was based off of more than that. Visiting the Effingham CEO class and recognizing how comfortable and capable I felt in the setting showed me how short I had been selling myself. As a student I had been very used to learning being simplistic for me and I realized how much more I wanted out of my education at that point. Odd as that sounds, I knew that I needed to put myself out there and see what I could do. I am enthusiastic to do just that. There are so many life lessons taught through this program and I cannot wait to see the transformation this year will make on not only myself, but also my classmates. Besides my role in the CEO program, I am currently student body and student council president. I have served on district board for student council for two years and the club as well as its members has shaped me as a leader. I am on the math team, WYSE team, and serve as vice president of the math club. There are various other clubs I am in, mainly academic, but the previous mentioned are the standouts. I am also very active in both marching and concert band. Outside of school I play the piano, largely classical music, volunteer as a tutor, and teach a few piano lessons. After I graduate from Newton Community High School I would like to attend Purdue University and major in neurobiology and physiology.