Mike Carr

About Me

Hello! My name is Michael (Mike) Carr. I am currently a senior at NCHS and I am  seventeen years old. I enjoy participating in sports such as cross country and baseball. I also enjoy playing in the band. Some other hobbies of mine are hanging out with friends, watching   movies and watching television. My favorite TV show is Ridiculousness and my favorite movie   is Lone Survivor. I also like watching sports. My favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks.

I was born in Effingham, IL on March 7th, 1997. I moved to Newton when I was four   years old. My parents’ names are Craig Carr and Amy Carr. My dad is an elementary principal at Newton Elementary. My mom is a middle school language arts teacher at Cumberland Middle   School. I also have a sister named Sarah and my family has one dog named Patch. 

I was intrigued by CEO because I was interested in the idea of running my own business. I don’t know what I want to do in college, but I have thought about the idea of pursuing a business career. I went to a business camp called camp e3 at EIU, and was   intrigued by the concept of business. I figured that CEO would broaden my knowledge of the business world and help me find out what I wanted to do in college. 

I am very excited about CEO this year and I also like the idea of creating the image of Jasper County’s inaugural CEO class.