Cierrah Utley

About Me

Cierrah Utley is the youngest daughter of Dan and Mandi Utley. She is a 16 year old junior at NCHS. Cierrah is involved in an array of activities.  Along with being involved  in Spanish and Beta Club, she is a member of the Track and Volleyball team. She has also previously played basketball. During the pandemic, she tutored a 6th grade girl and she is actively involved in her church. The CEO program was brought to her attention when she recognized her sister's success in the class. Cierrah is looking forward to CEO because she will be able to bring out her creative side and express herself while learning how to transition into adulthood in a mature and effective way. After high school she plans to pursue a career in ultrasound technology.

About My Business

Cierrah is the writer and illustrator of Atti the Smiling Dog. This book is a children's book for ages 5-8 and each purchase comes with a free stuffed animal. You can contact Cierrah by Facebook messenger of Instagram, or by email,






DISC Characteristics

  • Determined, Competitive
  • Inspiring, Persuasive
  • Steady, Outgoing
  • Independent, Rebellious