Grace Kuhl

About Me

Grace Kuhl is the daughter of Jason and Marie Kuhl. She is 17 and a junior at NCHS. She participates in Band, Scholastic Bowl, Beta Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Math Club, and works at Meraki Health in Newton. Grace likes to make art and music in her spare time, and she’s an avid painter.


Grace graduated from St. Thomas Grade School in 2019, and has maintained a high GPA throughout her high school career. Some of her favorite classes have been Band, Art, Psychology, Chemistry, and Spanish. She states: “Art class makes my soul feel free and it allows me to express myself how I want to. And Chemistry is a challenge!” She aspires to attend Eastern Illinois University to pursue a career in teaching Psychology.


Grace is fun, charming, and enthusiastic about life. She’s very optimistic and always finds the good in every situation. Her goal in life is to have fun and express herself. But she’s not afraid to tackle tough things when they come up. She’s also cautious and poised, which makes her a great team player. She is grateful for the opportunity to join this year’s CEO class and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

About My Business

Grace is proud to announce that her business has been started. It’s called Paper Crane Oil Co., and she makes natural wood diffusers and oil blends designed to be used in the car. You can find it on Facebook, Instagram, and an upcoming website. She also will be at various trade shows, as well as the farmer’s market in Ste. Marie this summer.






DISC Characteristics

  • Agreeable
  • Poised
  • Patient
  • Cautious