Lilly Kessler

About Me

Lilly Kessler is currently a junior at Newton Community High School. In addition to CEO, she is involved in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Lilly is a member of the Beta Club, Spanish Club, and Student Council. She also is the Vice President of her church youth group. Outside of school, she enjoys bike rides and spending time with friends and family.  


“I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Jasper County CEO Program. I am excited to learn about the business of Jasper County and improve my people and communication skills.”

About My Business

Platinum Pecans offers homemade delicious candied pecans. The perfect snack if you have a sweet tooth but still want a good source of protein. Platinum Pecans are locally grown pecans from Deters’ Pecans in Sigel. Community is something Platinum Pecans strives to include within the business. Lilly offers many different packaging options which makes her business unique. Here at Platinum Pecans, we strive for nuttin’ but the best!








DISC Characteristics

  • When you lead, you tend to do so by doing, not by delegating.
  • You tend to be generous with your time in helping others.
  • You're a very good team player.
  • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples.